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Hunting Etiquette at Red Rock


the hounds
  • Once the hounds have been cast, please refrain from talking in the field. The purpose of our days sport is to find our quarry and have a fantastic run. Even whispering can cause the hounds to lift their head and miss an opportunity.
  • Please do not speak to a hound. It is never acceptable for a field member to give instruction to a hound. Only staff and the huntsman may speak to the hounds.
  • Please make way for the hounds but and do not interfere with their movement in any way.
  • When hounds move through the field, please acknowledge them to the field "hounds please".


in the field
a jump
two riders
  • Please do not pass the Field Master. As a foxhunter, you are expected to control your horse. If that isn’t possible, you may be asked to go to the back of the field, or be dismissed from the field.
  • Please leave plenty of room between you and the other horses. If you can’t see the horse’s heels in front of you - you are too close! We’re in Nevada! We have the luxury of wide open space so you may ride parallel to, but behind the Field Master.
  • Please be courteous to other riders. Please be conscious of young/green riders and horses.
  • If your horse kicks, you must place a red ribbon in your horse’s tail and ride in the very back position of the field. It is both the right thing to do and the safe thing to do.
  • If you are not prepared to jump every coop and if your horse has a tendency to refuse, please refrain from riding in First Field. The Field Master’s job is to ride to the hounds and cannot stop to assist, nor is it fair for other members to stop and assist repeatedly. Second field may be a better choice given that all jumps are optional.
  • When queuing up for a jump, please leave at least 4 horse lengths between you and the next horse. Following too closely will not be allowed - it is too dangerous. If your horse refuses a jump, go to the back of the line and try again - do not continue to school your horse at the coop and do not prevent others from taking the jump and following the hunt.
  • Should you see an individual who needs assistance, please do offer your help. It is always our goal to extend a helping hand and help everyone to enjoy great sport.
  • If you must leave the field, please ask permission of the Field Master. Please stay in your field and should you wish to ride in a different field, please ask permission before doing so.
  • At Red Rock, Juniors are allowed to ride to the front of the field if their ability and mount are appropriate. Please do not ask a junior member to go to the back of the field. If there is a problem, please alert the Field Master.
  • You may not ride with a Whipper-In unless given advance permission. Should you be given permission, please make sure you ride behind them at all times and give them room, ride on the opposite side of the hounds - so they can be closest to the hounds. Lastly, please refrain from talking. Often they are listening for hounds.