Lynn Lloyd's riding clinic in Montana

Lynn Lloyd's riding clinic in Montana

When my wife and I found out that Lynn Lloyd was going to host a clinic in Montana at the Big Sky Hounds Ranch, we completely rearranged our calendars so that we could attend.

Besides having our own coaching program, my wife and I have always had business coaches ourselves and know how valuable it is to have a great coach. Needless to say, we were both were very intrigued and excited to watch a master at work.

We got to the Big Sky Hounds Ranch early and was greeted by Renee Daniels-Mantle ( the owner). My wife Stephanie and I brought our cameras with the intent to capture every stage of Lynn’ clinic.

This was going to be the very first time for most of the participants to have ever done any type of jumping and the apprehension and nervousness of some of the riders was palpable. All fears and apprehensions were quickly dissolved with Lynn’s reassuring and calm teaching style.

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