Lynn Lloyd's riding clinic in Montana

When my wife and I found out that Lynn Lloyd was going to host a clinic in Montana at the Big Sky Hounds Ranch, we completely rearranged our calendars so that we could attend.

Besides having our own coaching program, my wife and I have always had business coaches ourselves and know how valuable it is to have a great coach. Needless to say, we were both were very intrigued and excited to watch a master at work.

We got to the Big Sky Hounds Ranch early and was greeted by Renee Daniels-Mantle ( the owner). My wife Stephanie and I brought our cameras with the intent to capture every stage of Lynn’ clinic.

This was going to be the very first time for most of the participants to have ever done any type of jumping and the apprehension and nervousness of some of the riders was palpable. All fears and apprehensions were quickly dissolved with Lynn’s reassuring and calm teaching style.

Lynn started out by explaining some simple principles that some riders were aware of and some riders were not.... this allowed for some easing of nerves and laughter, the perfect combination for a mixed group of participants.


After learning some why’s, the riders got to apply the how to’s and again Lynn’s consistent praise and reassurance caused fantastic results with those with skill to shine and those just intent on improving seeing themselves succeed and garner praise from each other.


After practicing some practical equitation and riding skills, Lynn progressed the group at first going over some ground poles, progressing to X’s and then to not-so-steep jumps. Whooosh! It was exhilarating to watch the faces of those who thought they never could accomplish what they did! With Lynn Lloyd’s help anything is possible.

A short break was taken to catch their breath and then Lynn took the group to yet another level. “Riding Safely in the Field” Whoa! Little did they know that Lynn was going to push and test the limits of courage from horse and rider...galloping up and DOWN hills and more jumping. As brilliant instructors know Lynn used the technique of using a timed challenge/game in order to bring out the competitive nature of her students causing them to push boundaries that they may have not done on their own.

If you notice in the images, it looks more like “Flying” lessons for horse and rider instead of “Riding” lessons.

It was amazing to watch the range of emotions go through some of the group with trepidation and nervousness turning into calm confidence with some outbursts of joy at the mere accomplishment of doing what was asked of them.

The next day the class was invited to apply what they learned out in the field with a “Hunters Pace” which is a timed event for groups of riders to finish a designated course in small groups with the fastest group arising as the winner. The race again is a way for Lynn’s students to apply what they learned the day before along with the excitement of a challenging game. What fun!

We came away with some incredible images and Lynn’s participants came away with some amazing instruction and a once in a lifetime experience.


To learn more about Lynn Lloyd you can visit for Clinic dates and lesson schedules.