About Us

Red Rock Hounds and Lynn Lloyd and Angela Murray's Training Center offer a professional atmosphere for boarding and training all types of horses, specializing in hunter/jumpers and fox hunters. We offer full service care, stall and pasture board, large turnouts, training, lessons and sales.

Our team lives on the premises, so horses have 24-hour supervision. We have a great team of veterinarians and an excellent farrier always available. During the fall and winter months, the Red Rock Hounds hunt club gathers at the facility and rides out in pursuit of coyotes in the beautiful Nevada desert. To ride to the hounds is breathtaking, and the chase ends once the coyote outsmarts the hounds. Visitors are welcome and experienced hunt horses are always available for leasing on a daily basis.

Our History

The Red Rock Hounds was registered with the Masters of Foxhounds Association in November of 1980, and recognized in 1987. With twelve English hounds drafted from the Los Altos hunt, Lynn Lloyd founded the first foxhunt in the state of Nevada. Lynn gained her early foxhunting experience in Britain in 1968, and founded her first pack of foxhounds, the Berry Hollow Hunt, in Pennsylvania in 1974.

Lynn has been supported by four Joint Masters of Foxhounds – Scott Tepper (1986 - ), Gayle Horn (2002 - 2011), John Schafer (2007-) and most recently, Angela Murray (2012 - ). The Joint Masters share the burden of managing the hunt organization, ensuring good relationships with landowners and government officials who oversee our hunt territory, and most importantly, guiding the development of our pack of hounds.

Over the past 33 years, the Red Rock Hounds has developed a prominent reputation through the efforts of the hunt’s masters and members to open the public’s eyes to the joy of fox hunting Nevada style. Every three years we enjoy international attendance at the Pacific District meet which is hosted by our hunt.

We actively engage in public appearances of hunt members and hounds to promote our sport and to educate the public about fox hunting is in the 21st century. Our hounds have been honored to participate in many events over the past 3 decades, including the Rose Bowl Parade in Pasadena, California, multiple events at the Reno Livestock Event Center, DG Bar Dressage Shows in Hanford, California, the Franktown Meadows Hunter Derby, the Horse Expo in Sacramento and numerous parades and events throughout the greater Reno area. Our hounds have been featured in National Geographic, Practical Horseman, Chronicle of the Horse, The London Sunday Times, Covertside and Spur Magazine. There have been several TV documentaries made about Red Rock Hounds.

We welcome any opportunity to introduce our marvelous hounds to the public!

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