Red Rock Hounds
25 Spoke Road,
Reno, NV  89508

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Welcome to Lynn Lloyd's Red Rock Hounds & Equestrian Center
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Red Rock Hounds is devoted to fox hunting as an activity of sportsmanship, houndwork, horsemanship, land conservation and wildlife habitat preservation.

We take seriously the responsibility of stewardship of the land we are so graciously permitted to access and to respect the animals that make that land their home.

Red Rock Hounds endeavors to educate our membership and the public on observing the natural instincts of a team of hounds working in harmony and the responsibility we have for protecting open space and wildlife.

Red Rock Hounds is an organization that welcomes horse owners and riders from all disciplines and skill levels.


Upcoming Events

For details on any of the below events,
or contact her by phone at 775-969-3243.

  January 19-27, 2019

Tejon Hunt Week
Tejon Ranch, Lebec, CA.

  April 2-7, 2019

2019 Western States Joint Meet
Red Rock Hounds, Reno, NV.
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  Friday, April 5, 2019

RRH Hunt Ball

  May 10,11,12, 2019

Joint Meet with Big Sky Hounds
Miles City, MT.

  May 13-19, 2019

RRH Cowboys Up...
Join us after the weekend of hunting in Miles City, MT on over a million acres of ranch land for a week of branding, sorting, etc. We will parade the hounds in the famous Bucking Horse Sale Parade and stay for the sale! Don’t miss out.

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